A visit to the downtown of Dar es Salaam can be stressful if you are not prepared for heavy traffic jam and a lot of people. 

I think the atmosphere in the downtown is different from the f.ex. Msasani and Mikocheni area. The local people rush away to/from work, and the smile isn't there as it is in the other more relaxed parts of Dar es Salaam.

In the downtown you will find public offices, postoffice, ferryboat to Zanzibar. But the embasies is located in the Msasani area.


Kunduchi beach is one of the finest beach in Dar es Salaam. Especially the area inside the Kunduchi beach hotel. The sand is silk soft and white. There are many beds with sunshade and table. Normally it's not necessary to be a hotel guest to enter the finest beach, but you have to order food and drinks when you are there. There are in between beach- or pool parties in the hotel areas. You will in those cases be charged 5000 TSH. A good dinner and some drinks should be around 20000 TSH.

Important notice about Kunduchi beach and crime. Don't walk in the beach outside the main hotel areas. Even though the beach is beautiful and people seam to be friendly. Groups of very poor and in many cases drugged men are sitting there, too. Violent crimes with Machetes happens every month. The thiefs knows the hotel guests are carrying money, camera and phones and they are waiting for them. Its a shame for the city and the Kunduchi Police not to take care of the tourists better.

Address: Kunduchi, Dar es Salaam

Directions: Kunduchi beach is located in the northern part of the city, and the roads carrying a great deal of traffic. Especially Bagamoyo rd. Take a Bodaboda shared minibus or a Bajaji.


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